Thomas Luke, Ph.D.

Professor of Transformational Theology Emeritus


Thomas Luke, Ph.D., is an American transformational theology scholar, theologian, researcher, professor of transformational theology emeritus (2003-2023), award-winning Christian academic author, anti-child sex trafficking activist, certified spiritual integration counselor, certified crisis response and trauma counselor, ordained Christian crisis response chaplain, talk show host, TV producer, and founding father of transformational theology. Wikitia listed Thomas Luke, Ph.D., as their Top 30 influential Christian Scholars in 2023 and World’s Top 30 Education Professionals for 2023.

Dr. Thomas Luke is a professor of transformational theology at his alma mater, Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies.

Transformational Theology is a profound counseling system his mentors taught him; spiritual integration counseling, also known as “soul surgery,” is a central tenet of transformational theology that facilitates recovery from and integration of traumatic experiences.

Luke has dedicated his career to serving survivors affected by trauma as an
ordained Christian crisis response chaplain. As an advocate for the abolition of human sex trafficking, he is ardently committed to defending the rights of women and children.[1]

Professor Thomas Luke has 20 years of combined research on Cambodia’s child sex trafficking epidemic. His research includes the spiritual approach to integrating survivors of sexual exploitation diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder; he wrote about this approach in his Ph.D. dissertation textbookTransformational Theology, which earned him seven  Christian textbook awards.

Luke was granted three additional awards for making The President’s Honor Roll for a 4.0 GPA and graduated valedictorian of his 2023 class with a summa cum laude distinction at Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies.

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