Professor of Transformational Theology Emeritus (2003-2023)

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Thomas Luke, Ph.D.

Professor of Transformational Theology Emeritus

Dr. Thomas Luke is the recipient of the Distinguished Research Professor Award, which requires at least two published textbooks accompanied by curricula for at least one textbook. The award also requires no less than fourteen years of research, while Dr. Thomas Luke has 20 years of combined research (2003-2023) within the same discipline. Thomas Luke, Ph.D., currently retains the title of distinguished research professor of transformational theology emeritus (2003-2023) at Chaplains College School of Graduate Studies.

The textbook, Transformational Theology, was inspired by the orphans of Siem Reap, whom the author encountered during a journey from Thailand to Cambodia in 2003. When Reverend Dr. Thomas Luke witnessed the poverty, hunger, and lack of protection of these children exploited through human sex trafficking, it left a lasting impact on him, prompting him to dedicate twenty years to researching and addressing healing for the most severely traumatized of them.

Asking Jesus how he could help these unprotected and sexually exploited orphans of Siem Reap, Rev. Dr. Luke responded by attending graduate school and writing textbooks about how to restore and integrate the most severe cases of childhood sexual trauma. Rev. Dr. Luke wrote the first edition of The Least of These as a capstone project for his MA in Theological Studies. The second edition of The Least of These, published in 2024, was updated with Dr. Luke’s most current credentials and ministry contact information and includes illustrations and graphics not published in the 2020 text-only edition. Dr. Luke also added artwork and letters sent by the children to the preface. The Least of These is often cited by academics earning either a master’s or doctorate that requires a written capstone research paper, thesis, or dissertation for graduation.

Dr. Luke’s next textbook, Transformational Theology, was originally written as an extensive dissertation for Dr. Thomas Luke’s PhD in transformational theology. Transformational Theology discusses how dissociative identity disorder is the most severe, misdiagnosed, and rare form of childhood trauma, affecting approximately 1.5% of the global population. Rev. Dr. Luke’s academic literature aims to provide vulnerable children and adults hope, healing, and integration through Jesus Christ. Dr. Luke’s treatise can be summed up in Psalm 82:3-4, which states, “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

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